What is Ze Clever Magpie ?

Ever looked a Magpie straight in the eyes for a while? Well I did, and it turns out I was quite mystified by the pretty bird. It is as if, there was someone in there -other than a bird I mean- who was up to some clever mischief.  Almost feels like there is a human soul doomed to live the rest of it’s life in magpie form. That first look gave birth to the beginning of a name: CLEVER MAGPIE. And ZE? Try talking to a french person in English and tell me what their “the” sounds like. Exactly, it sounds like “ze” and because my mother thong is french, this is a wink to it.

So here it is ZE CLEVER MAGPIE, a blog to hold a piece of our life abroad for you to read.

 Who is Ze Clever Magpie?

A mid-twenties girl who decided she wasn’t ready to settle down after graduating and took the first plane to China with her partner in crime & lover. We have been travelling since early January 2016 and aren’t ready to go back to “real life” just yet. We traveled 9 countries so far, lived in 2 and are thirsty for some more.

We are both often define as clever and we like to escape in mysterious adventures.

Why  Ze Clever Magpie?

We both learned a lot about ourselves and each other, and we decided to share our experiences and adventures with you. Here, I will also  share what we eat and, hopefully, give you a desire to try new recipes.

Relax for a second and take part to our travel life!
Take Care,

Ze Clever Magpie